Solo TVSolo TV as media television with marking as fair judgment, egalitarianism, non passivity and art-cultural javanese.

Vision as television station with program of education and enjoyment for the audiences.

Mission as television station with community and people of Solo City expectation.

  • Solo People Community Television Media since 2011 and we proud to be Real Solo Television Station.
  • Support of our Staff Management & Crew Expertise in TV Media Editing, Design Graphics, Broadcasting & Multimedia.
  • We commited to serve an objectives making people of Solo City having television station to be proud of and we trusted making your company goal achiviements with sales target as your partnership commercial break and our inhouse program production.

Company Profile

Badan Hukum Stasiun Televisi
LPK Pemirsa Solo TV

Alamat Kantor Serta Studio
Jl. Dr. Radjiman No.28 Tegalsari Bumi Laweyan, Solo
No Telp. 0271 – 783234, 0271 – 9170078

Perijinan Siaran Televisi: SKEP Menteri Komunikasi & Informasi Indonesia
Jenis Stasiun Siaran: Local BC Broadcast Station
Jenis Dinas Siaran: Broadcast Service
Channnel: 62 UHF/Ultra High Frequency
Frequency: 799,25 Megaherzt
Panggilan Udara: Solotv
Tanda Perijinan Panggilan: PN4A BY
Daerah Layanan: Wilayah Karisidenan Surakarta